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Handmade, Ethically Sourced, Artisinal, Elevated

At Elevate Apothetique, we pride ourselves on the skill and artistry with which every item is  lovingly created by our own hands.  From Herbal Sundries and Skincare to Intuitively Crafted Gemstone Jewelry, Botanical Resin Art through to Hand Sewn Wearable Art…every item is created with deep sanctity in our hearts and minds. 


Sacred Offerings 

Handcrafted Herbal Sundries, Ritual Adornments, and Inspired Art

At Elevate Apothetique, we believe in the fully realized power of Nature, and the ability of this force to Elevate all that we do, and all that we are.
We pride ourselves on offering a unique, custom curated, completely handmade Boutique shopping experience.  Designed to transport patrons into a realm of fantasy, peace, and deep comfort…our clients are each a treasure to us all, and are always treated as such within the Sacred Space we aim to offer.


Woman Owned

Supporting the Elevation of Embodied Female Artisans

We believe in the unique creative force of the Feminine, and in supporting the unique efforts of our Sisters.  At Elevate Apothetique, our focus is on not only showcasing our own Offerings, but in Elevating the experience of the Feminine for all of our matter their gender.  Safe, creative, deeply loving space is what we aim to offer.

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